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Block Printing

It is amazing how prevalent & experimentalise hand blocking has become in India. You name it and block printing will definitely have a role to play in any fabric related industry. Even though a major part of Hand block printing is at a loss over the years because of introduction of new technologies like digital printing.

Hand block printing is an art of dying and coloring a fabric using wooden blocks. Craftsmen use wooden blocks to create beautiful art frames. The designs are hand carved on the wooden blocks.

India has been renowned for its printed and dyed cotton cloth since the 12th century. . Block printing is practiced all over India in different states with each area having its own local aesthetics and style of doing the craft. Each place has its distinctive design elements, color schemes, and motifs. The final product can be differentiated in terms of region and origin.

With the rage of online selling, block printing has found a permanent niche for itself. There are a lot of websites & foundations selling & promoting the work of local artisans who indulge in the art of hand blocking. And at Ekanya we work on products which help in upliftment of these artists. Over the years, we will be providing a series of block printing forms.

Nowadays block printing can be seen right from hair accessories like hair clips, hair bands, etc. Below is a head band made out of hand block printing process called kalamkari:









Pic credits: Etsy

Earrings in hand blocked fabrics:

Pic credits: Abira & Looksgood


Ajrakh printed Beaded necklace

Pic credits: Pinterest

Apparels like Kurtas, pants, Dupattas, Sarees, etc. & Home decor – Cushions & bedsheet, bedcovers, etc, are more likely to rule the category list when it comes to hand blocking. One reason is that the surface area is much more when compared to other categories & second since the SA is big there are endless fusions possible. For eg- You can coat a layer gold foil print over any of your ajraks/bagru’s or layer the indigo block prints with a hint of hand embroidery.


Stationary is also made to look beautiful with hand block printing. Diaries covered with handblock fabrics.


Pic credits: Etsy

With Block printing, you can create & discover the most beautiful fabrics. And at Ekanya we hope to do the same by providing an exclusive range of beautifully handcrafted products.

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