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Have you possibly heard of a woman who doesn’t love Jewelry? Well, the history for the love of jewelry dates back right to the Indus valley civilization. Did you know the famous Rajasthani Borla is as old as 5000 years? Over the years, the human kind has witnessed different eras of Jewelry. While the Indus Valley civilization was about heavy loaded gold jewellery, the Sangam era was more about delicate & intricate jewelry, and then came the Mughal era which was about elegant & exquisite masterpieces with central Asian fusion styles. The kundan & Jadau techniques were introduced in this era too.

During these eras, the focus was on crafting jewelry made out of Gold & Silver for the royals & the riches, in the meanwhile commoners still stuck to copper, alpaca, iron and aluminium. Now-a-days the ongoing trend of Jewelry has drastically shifted to vintage jewelry available in a combination of the above metals using age old techniques, to suit the fashion requirements, as well as the pocket of the adorner.

With the beginning of the 21st century, the fashion trends have exploded exponentially. Defining fashion and making it a fusion of the traditional attires with the modern look has been the major switch for the industry. Apparels may win the race when it comes to Fashion but accessories are in neck to neck competition when it comes to dressing up. Any look is incomplete without jewelry. A simple silk kurta when worn may not look the same but when paired with a pair of heavy earrings or a statement Neck piece with a big pendant, it would complete the look.. Even the simplest of outfits can make a difference when clubbed with the right piece of Jewelry.

At Ekanya, we provide an assemblage of statement jewelry ranging from Polki Maagtikkas to Kundan Earrings to German Silver Rings & to exotic Neckpieces. The collection is an amalgam of Kundankari, Meenakari, Pachikam, German Silver etc. There will always be something to go with your outfit on Ekanya.

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